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Solterra Ranch Landscaping and Design, which has to do with the arrangement of the different features of your yard: shrubs, plants, and flowers, as well as outdoor structures, like lighting, decks, patios, gates, and fences.

Landscaping is one of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to to improve your home’s appearance. And having a great-looking lawn and garden doesn’t mean you need a green thumb. All that is needed is a little planning and preparation.

In order to help our visitors with planning and designing their home landscape, we have composed various software to manage these issues. Our comprehensive services are here to help you get the professional-looking landscape you’ve always dreamed of by sharing with you the advice of the experts while automating ranch and urban management through software applications.


We’ve specialize in creating software for managing ranches and other residental properties. Using special mathematical algorithms like the trigonometry infused designs to maintain and create beautiful ranches and other similar landscaping designs, our software has created it’s own niche in a very short time.

14+ years experience in LabVIEW™ programming coupled with a background in mechanical design and electro-optics provides a broad base to construct all elements of an automation/test system. We’ve developed automated Test and Metrology systems for many clients large and small.

Key Benefits

  • 14+ Years Experience in LabVIEW programming language.
  • Experienced in hardware and sensors for complete system consultation and integration.
  • Creator of Lab-Useful Site a LabVIEW dedicated support and service site for the LabVIEW community.
  • WebMaster of the Lab-Useful Web Site: LabVIEW Tips, Tricks and Downloads.
  • Host of the First Southern California LAVA (LabVIEW Advanced Architect) User Group meetings.

Some of the Test Systems and Software Developed:

  • SEM Scanning Electron Microscope Application Software: Developed PC Windows 2000 Based Application software for existing base of SEMs. Includes image display, capture and macro support this software is now sold in the US.
  • Water Filtration Monitoring System for Kidney Dialysis Centers: Developed a monitoring system for tracking water quality of Water Treatment Systems for Kidney Dialysis centers. System includes remote monitoring, eMail, dial-up and paging notification.
  • Sub-micron Drift Test System: A optical based drift test systems to measure sub-micron displacement of ultra-precision/stable mechanical stage over 8 hour period. bVIEW based system logged displacement over time with a resolution of >0.010 um, results were stored in a data file.
  • Laser Interferometer based Stage Performance Test System: Measure all performance criteria of high-end motion stages, using a Laser Interferometer. System measured Linear accuracy, point-to-point positioning, repeatability, hysteresis, vibration and velocity regulation. Software was a fully integrated ‘Test Suite’ where the operator chose the type of test to be run and the system type to be tested. Software fully self-configured all test parameters – to reduce setup errors.
  • Instrument LabVIEW™ Drivers GPIB and Serial: Wrote many company software drives for instrumentation. Help defined criteria for construction of instrument software drivers.
  • Alignment Software Package for Fiber-Optic Devices: Key Development Programmer for AutoAlign™ an entirely LabVIEW™ based software package that performed real-time alignment of fiber-optic devices. Software controlled an ultra-precision motion system and optical power meter. System software provided ease-of-use with powerful metrology and test tools to conduct throughput and coupling measurements.

Programming Clients:

  • IBM Almaden Research Center
  • IBM Yorktown Heights
  • Baxter HealthCare
  • Ortel Corporation
  • ICN Biomedicals
  • GEM Water International LLC
  • Spawr Welding
  • Scan Service
  • Ortel Corporation

Project Management
20+ Years in Project Management experience in technical product development and test systems.

Background in:

  • Aero-Space.
  • New Product Development and Manufacturing.
  • Trained and Experienced in DOE: Design of Experiments and DFM: Design For Manufacture.
  • BIoMedical: Medial Device manufacture

FDA Validation
We offer contract FDA Validation Services for large and small projects. We have 8 years experience with Bio-medical and Pharmaceutical companies in validation on surgical products and medical device manufacturing test systems.

We can help with small or large projects, or with regulatory maintenance tasks for existing products, we scale our offering to your needs.

FDA Validation Services

  • Surgical Device Validation.
  • Medical Device Manufacture Test Systems.
  • Regulatory Maintenance Tasks; Label changes, Product Changes.Our additional clients include: Allergan, Edwards LifeSciences, Edwards Healthcare, Beckman Instruments.