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Ranch About is dedicated to providing the very best home and ranch Information Management solutions, always emphasizing customer service, and keeping current with and employing the most current value-added project management tools and planning strategies.

Company Profile
Solterraranch consulting provides technology and information management solutions in the following sectors:

IT Technology Planning. This includes a traditional mix of application development, database design, communications and Line-of-Business application development and support. These services are made possible through a pooled international resource network of consultants, programmers, analysts and database developers. This allows easy access to the latest IT/IS skill sets. In many cases, our staffing resources have more then one professional technology certification, usually through Microsoft, Oracle, or various Line-of-Business solution providers.

Urban Design Systems. The built-environment is all around us. It consists of buildings, civil projects, public infrastructure, and natural and environmental systems. It is the job of urban planners, architects, civil engineers and environmental engineers to practice their professions, and when done so in a cooperative manner, the quality of life is better for everyone.

Our goal at röös design + consulting is to bridge the technology gap these firms are experiencing by assisting our clients apply new technologies. Whether it is applying 3D visualization technology to an urban or environmental problem or building a mapping front-end to an infrastructure management system, röös design + consulting is ready to help you solve your problem.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The number of uses for GIS are endless. As more organizations become aware of the benefits of linking corporate databases with location features stored in GIS, the GIS quickly becomes the integrating technology, thus enabling new applications. röös design + consulting has extensive industry experience building geodatabases, GIS applications and performing a vast array of analyses employing GIS technology as illustrated in our Project Portfolio.

Internet Development. As government and business increasingly turn to new media to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, and to provide better service, developing an Internet presence will ultimately say everything about your organization to your existing customers and potential new customers.

Building a simple Web site or a complex e-business site takes time and careful planning. The number of new Internet technologies available are growing, but the good new is, the cost benefit ratio is stating to look more favorably towards the enterprise. There are many key technologies in use, but the Extensible Markup Language known a XML is playing a dominant role in the paradigm shift towards systems integration in the form of XML Web Services.